Confession: I hate the holidays

Day 1 of school holidays: total bliss not having to get out of bed as soon as the alarm goes off, no rushing the kids to school, no remembering who’s supposed to be taking what, no homework.  Yay!

Day 2 of school holidays: we write a plan.  Work out who wants to do what.  Where we’re going to go.  Who we’re going to hang out with.  Create 2 boxes called the ‘box of ideas’ containing bits of paper showing things to do both indoors and outdoors.  I’m on top of this.  It’s going to be great.

Box of ideas

Day 3 of school holidays: realised we have no money until the end of July, so have surreptitiously removed a couple of the ‘ideas’ to avoid disappointment.  Kids have been playing happily while I prepare for my art class (one of my two jobs).

Day 4 of school holidays: checked Facebook.  Big mistake!  Everyone’s having a great time, and I’m not part of it.  Why didn’t they invite me?  Does anyone actually enjoy spending time with me?  Are my friends really my friends?  Maybe they don’t like my kids?   Oh dear, the holiday depression has set in early this year.  Must avoid Facebook.

Day 5 of school holidays: Googled ‘things to do in London for free’.  One of the suggestions was ‘listen to Big Ben chiming’.  Urr….


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