First blog post

I’ve always been crap at keeping a diary…. well, a retrospective one at least.  My actual diary (a fabulous app called ‘Cozi‘) runs my life.  I couldn’t do without it.  I’m a bit busy you see.  Ok, quick summary: 1 husband, 4 kids, 3 chickens, 2 cats, 2 jobs, 1 degree course.  I think that’s it.  Hang on, let me check my diary… yep that’s it.  There are a few females in there, but basically I’m in charge of a lot of balls (if you get my drift).

I’ve always enjoyed being busy and juggling lots of things, but occasionally I realise I’m juggling too many balls to actually keep on top of things.  So, as if I’ve not got enough to do, I’ve decided to write a ‘too many balls’ blog.  It’s a place I can record my thoughts (which are always too long for Twitter, and sometimes too honest for Facebook), and maybe look back in a few years with fond memories of this crazy time.

If anyone else reads this, maybe you’ll find it helpful, funny or even challenging.  My hope is that my life will make a difference, at least to the people who know me.  (And maybe by reading this you’ll get to know me a little.)  But most of all, I want life to be fun.


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