Happy New Year!

As I was emptying the paddling pool this morning (and watering my thirsty and abused lawn), I felt the same way as I do when I take down my Christmas decorations.  Sad that the fun’s over, but looking forward to what’s to come.


For me, September is much more of a new start than January.  The children start a new school year (and sometimes a new school), a new season begins in the garden, and after 6 weeks of a fairly non-existent routine I plan how we’re going to live our lives from now onwards.  How can I improve myself, my relationships and family life?  Who would we like to stay in touch with or re-connect with after the long break?  How are we going to save up for the next onslaught on our bank account… Christmas?!

Of course, just like New Year’s resolutions, I know that my grand plans for changing the world/my family/myself won’t come to much.  Life will settle back down to a passable level of success in all areas – getting the kids to school just-about-on-time, eating a healthy-ish diet, managing to juggle studying and work with family life – and that’s good enough for me.  I love my life, my husband, my family, my friends, my job… so cheers to you all!  And a Happy New Year!


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